Podcast Ep 20: The Importance of Physical Therapy and How To Move As We Age

Podcast Ep 20: The Importance of Physical Therapy and How To Move As We Age

Melissa Lam is a physical therapist who is unlike other physical therapists.  She has a music degree and music background that molds her into a different kind of practitioner. She takes an integrative and holistic approach to care for patients’ musculoskeletal system. Melissa had issues with back pain and foot pain herself. She came to the field of physical therapy because she wanted to help others using physical therapy. Her focus now is an outpatient orthopedic practice. So, she sees anyone that walks in her door with a problem such as chronic pain, aches and pains, falls, and sports accidents.

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about physical therapy. First off, many people think that you only go to a physical therapist if you have a problem, but the reality is that you should see a physical therapist for regular check ups, to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Nothing in the musculoskeletal system is examined in your annual physical exam, but mobility and how you feel when you move your body is extremely important. You don’t wait until you have a problem to go to your routine check up, so don’t wait to see your physical therapist. 

Melissa is passionate about teaching people simple exercises and ways in which we can move our bodies to prevent pain and issues later on in life. If you do yoga poses, lunges, stretch, or tai chi, you are doing something right! However, your stage of life and your medical history determines how you will get treated, so I encourage you to chat with a physical therapist to find specific exercises that suit you.

What’s In This Episode

1:06 Introduction to Melissa

2:21 How Melissa came to PT

3:00 Types of Orthopedic practices

4:05 Misconceptions about PT

4:50 PT for children

5:33 Preventative PT

6:11 Injuries 

8:05 Misunderstandings about PT

10:00 Red Flags examination

12:47 Reasons for pain

14:15 Re-building your foundation

15:18 Interdisciplinary Medicine

16:33 How you are moving and how you feel 

17:26 Socioemotional impact  

19:21 The priority of PT

19:38 Acupuncture

21:14 Hypnotherapy

22:14 Balance

24:55 Home Exercise Program

26:39 Strength Component of PT

28:50 Top mobility exercise