Podcast Ep 21: The Importance of Strength Training for Women Over 40

Podcast Ep 21: The Importance of Strength Training for Women Over 40

“Self care includes making sure that your body doesn’t fall apart. “ – Tina Tang.

In this episode on Modern Aging, Risa and fitness trainer Tina Tang chat about why it is essential that we strength train especially once we are over the age of 40.  As we get older, we naturally lose muscle mass which is linked to body pain and chronic diseases like sarcopenia, osteoporosis and arthritis. The good news is that pain and many chronic diseases are preventable – with strength training! Muscles support our body, so when we strengthen our body’s muscles, we eliminate stress on other parts of the body. For example, strengthening your core prevents and often eliminates back pain because a stronger core can better support the body and take pressure off of the lower back. 

It’s even more beneficial for women to strength train through menopause. Lower estrogen levels during menopause is the reason why many women experience thinning hair, weight gain, joint pain, insomnia and so many other symptoms.  It is also part of the reason why more women get osteoporosis than men. Estrogen and other hormones affect the coarseness and density of bones regardless of gender. Creating strength in muscles to support weakening joints helps to combat osteoporosis. Working out muscles helps to also create denser bones.

Strength training is not only physically beneficial, but it mentally rejuvenating. Risa started weight training at the beginning of the pandemic. She started at 2-3 times a week. Now, strength training is part of her everyday morning routine. Because of strength training, she feels more confident and capable in her body.  It’s true that an older woman who strength trains, feels more in control of their body! 

Before you jump into strength training, you should know about the importance of proper form. Proper form is more important than anything because it prevents injury and ensures that you are working out the right muscles. It’s extremely helpful to have a coach explain how to move and where to feel the movement because exercises are not self explanatory. 

To help us out, Tina created some short exercises that you can do at home. Make sure to check them out on the Modern Aging YouTube channel. You can also download her Free Beginner Strength Training at Home Cheat Sheet

Risa and Tina have created the Get Strong Over 40 12 week Beginner’s Strength Training Program For Women Over 40.   New session starts February 15, 2021.  You can get more information at GetStrongOver40.com.

What’s In This Episode

2:24 How Tina got into fitness and training

3:59 Why Tina stuck with strength training

4:25 Progression in strength 

5:48 What is Strength training or weight training

6:34 Myths about strength training

7:20 Testosterone and muscle growth

8:26 Bulking up for females

9:10 Leaning out with strength training

9:35 How much strength training?

11:22 Recommendation for beginners

11:37 Get Strong Over 40 – 7 Day Challenge

13:07 How Risa started strength training

13:20 Starting small

14:20 Self-care

15:30 Strength training in increments

17:30 Strength training and menopause

19:26 Strength training for stronger bones

20:25 Building confidence with strength training

21:11 Importance of proper form

22:42 More about Get Strong Over 40 – 7 Day Challenge