Podcast Ep 1. Tips to Overcome Fear and Stress During Covid-19

Podcast Ep 1.  Tips to Overcome Fear and Stress During Covid-19

This episode was originally recorded in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic for Modern Aging’s YouTube Channel.  Host Risa Morimoto addresses anxiety, fear, and panic about Covid-19. She offers guidance on how to take a step back to stay in perspective. There’s a lot of things we can’t control like who gets sick or who loses their job, but there are some things that we can in order to overcome much of the fear and anxiety associated with the pandemic.

One of the things that we can control is how we live and adjust our lifestyle during this time. Adjustments like washing our hands more often and coughing into our elbows are essential new habits for all of us to protect ourselves and others.  Meditate, taking conscious deep breaths can also help with anxiety.   There are things that you can do to comfort yourself and loved ones during these unprecedented times.

What’s In This Episode

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:48 Anxiety about Covid-19
  • 1:49 What can we control? How we live and adjust our life style during this time
  • 2:12 10 things to create serenity and calm right now in your life. 
  • 2:22 Take 5 deep breaths
  • 3:25 The News
  • 3:43 Acknowledging what you are grateful for
  • 4:09 What to read, listen, or watch
  • 4:19 How to keep moving
  • 4:41 Meditating
  • 5:08 Taking a walk in the woods
  • 5:52 Staying connected with friends and family
  • 6:16 Supporting local small businesses
  • 6:55 Spending time with family
  • 7:13 We got this!