Simple, Realistic, Attainable Ways to Reach Your Weight Loss and Health Goals

Simple, Realistic, Attainable Ways to Reach Your Weight Loss and Health Goals
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With so many diet options – keto diet, paleo diet, vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, and on and on and on. But, it’s not only about eating healthy food or clean eating. Having a healthy eating plan or weight less program to create a healthy lifestyle is only a part of the whole game plan. There are things that we can do so that we don’t feel discouraged when we fall off the horse, and can continue on our paths to a healthy lifestyle and lose the weight permanently. Health and nutrition coach Shanique Allen paves the way so that we can feel empowered and look at the underlying issues of why we have cravings or why we feel the need to lose the weight or want to live healthy.

She shares that when you get to the root of the issues then you can pave your way to success. Shanique is all about keeping things simple.

She has her 4 ways to repurpose food to create different meals.

1. Refreshed stir fry

2. Mixed salad

3. One pot cook up

4. Wrap sandwich to go

You can use any weight loss method but it doesn’t mean it will work if you don’t address the fundamentals of why you are feeling a certain way. This is why 95% of diets don’t work. We restrict ourselves with low calorie meals or a high protein diet, but if we feel like we are sacrificing, it will be difficult to overcome and get healthy in a healthy way.

MORE ABOUT HEALTH AND NUTRITION COACH SHANIQUE ALLEN Jamaican. Wife. Dog mom. Sun lover. Outdoor adventurer. Lover of being strong. Confident. Risk taker. Teacher of simplicity.

I am on a mission to help people embrace themselves right where they are, and use that life lessoned experience to build a wellness blueprint they can thrive on, in any situation and for life. That means freeing themselves of rigid food and movement rules, and instead learning all the ways they can eat, move and live to nourish their whole being – mind, body and soul. You won’t find me recommending quick diets, one way to workout, or shaming you for starting over for the 100th time. Instead, you will find repeated calls to show yourself grace when things go off rails, as much as you will find me asking you the tough questions to get you out of your own way.

I am a health and nutrition coach, but I am also a person. And like you and many of my clients, I’ve walked through various life transitions, fumbled a ton, made cringeworthy mistakes and experienced joy as equally as dark sadness. So, my hope is that you leave here that much more empowered to make simple but long lasting changes in your life without sacrificing your joy, peace of mind and long term health.

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