The Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy – Trigger Points, Cupping and Deep Tissue Massage

The Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy – Trigger Points, Cupping and Deep Tissue Massage
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People think of massage as a spa treatment or a luxury, but it is so much more than that. Rebeca Fernandez is a licensed massage therapist featured in this interview. She explains that massage is a way to restore balance to the body energetically and physically that everyone can benefit from. She uses a combination of trigger point therapy, medical massage, swedish massage, and cupping to name a few modalities. There are trigger points all over your body, which when pressed on causes some discomfort, but it helps release the tension from various muscles and muscle groups creating better circulation and alignment.

Massage therapy can help restore balance to the body physically by increasing blood circulation to tense muscles and bones, but it is also a way to restore energetic and spiritual balance. Emotional breakdowns on the massage table are not uncommon. When we experience unresolved stress such as an argument with your spouse, the tension can get stuck in your muscles – commonly your shoulders or your glutes. Thus, when Rebeca gives her patients an emotional release on the shoulders or on the glutes, instead of pain, they feel the emotions. 

In this modern world, many of us are stressed – all the time. The problem is that overstressed people don’t address pain in the body because we feel like we don’t have the time. When we don’t address pain, the consequences are severe. Your muscles will start to deteriorate, then your bones.This how posture problems like kyphosis develop because muscle and bone is fundamental to the structure of your body. 

Don’t get to the point that the structure of your body is compromised. Start taking care of your body by doing stretches and working out regularly. As we get older, moving our bodies body is key because as I’m sure you know, “use it, or lose it.” Also, nurture your body with regular massage from a licensed massage therapist because it’s an investment, not an expense. You want to live your life comfortably after 50.