Podcast 80. The Significance of Dreaming of the Dead with Dr. Joshua Black

dream of the dead

What does it mean when you dream of a deceased loved one? Grief dreams evolve in many ways to help you deal with your grief and loss. Grief dreams can provide you with comfort, hope, and even answers to questions you may have. 

Grief dreams are unique and don’t end when you have stopped grieving. They can pop up at random moments in life, but can help us sometime to understand confusing situations or bring clarity when you are feeling stressed. Understanding our emotions is hard, and dreams can help showcase some of the blocks within us and help us heal.

Dreams represent a waking life. When we’re happy and joyful, we will have more positive dreams. When we’re angry and negative, we will have more negative dreams.

In this episode, Dr. Joshua Black, a leading researcher on grief dreams, talks about the significance of grief dreams in the grieving process. Dr. Joshua decided to research grief dreams after having his own dream about his deceased father, which ultimately changed his life.  

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:59] Dr. Joshua’s journey and how he started studying grief dreams 

[04:38] Dr. Joshua shares his dream with his deceased father and how it changed his grief.

[08:54] Why dreams have been less studied

[10:21] How do dreams come about when you are grieving and change to give you comfort in different situations?

[11:30] Why do some of us have grief dreams, and others don’t have them when grieving? 

[13:21] Dr. Joshua’s findings on factors that predict dreaming with the deceased 

[15:03] How to increase your dream recall rate if you are interested 

[18:29] Why do we have positive or negative grief dreams, and what do they represent in your waking life?

[22:50] How do dreams help in the grieving process and showcase the blocks we are going through?

[30:07] The power of being honest and where dreams fit in our emotions and grief.

[32:04] Learning about dreams and waking life to understand and heal our grief

About Dr. Joshua Black – 

Dr. Joshua Black holds a MA and PhD in Psychology. He is a grief researcher, speaker, consultant, and host of the Grief Dreams Podcast. His work focuses on dreams and continuing bonds after loss, including prenatal and pet loss. 

As one of the leading academic experts on grief dreams, which can be dreams of the deceased, Joshua has directed his efforts on raising awareness about this fascinating phenomenon through media interviews, including PBS Next Avenue, CBC News, and Toronto Sun, in addition to speaking engagements and workshops.

How to connect with Dr. Joshua Black:

Website: https://www.griefdreams.ca/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/griefdreams

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/griefdreamspodcast/


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