Turning Ashes Into Jewelry: The Best Way to Honor Your Love


No question that losing someone you love is heartbreaking. And there is no one way to start healing. After the funeral, you may have the ashes of your loved one. But what do you do with them? 

Some people might want to bury the ashes in a cemetery or mausoleum so they can visit them. Others might want to spread their ashes in a special place. Or into the ocean. You might feel comforted by having your loved one’s cremated remains (cremains) in an urn in your home.  

However, for some people, those options just won’t do. 

That’s where turning ashes into jewelry comes into play. And I, for one, think it’s a brilliant idea.

Really? You Can Turn Ashes Into Jewelry?

Yes. It’s true. It may sound bizarre. It’s certainly unconventional. But if you’re open to the idea, you might find something perfect for you. 

There are a few different categories for this kind of jewelry:

Cremation Jewelry

The first is quite literally pouring your loved one’s ashes into a small chamber in a piece of jewelry. Think of it as a wearable mini cremation urn that holds your loved one’s ashes.

It can be a ring, pendant, bead, or charm. It could be made of many materials like sterling silver, yellow gold, glass, and epoxy. 

Depending on your style, a discreet small threaded screw provides access to the hollow chamber of the ashes into jewelry design. Or, if it’s a glass pendant, there will be a mini tube to place the ashes within the piece. 

No matter what you choose, the company will send you the piece with everything needed for adding the ashes: a mini screwdriver, a funnel, small picks to help move the ashes through the funnel, and glue to seal the screw completely. You fill the cremation jewelry yourself. No need to send the ashes away. 

Using Ashes To Create Jewelry

Making jewelry from the ashes of someone you love takes the art of memorial jewelry to another level.

Unlike cremation rings or pendants with a hollow cavity to fill, turning ashes into jewelry is the process of blending the cremains with different materials to create your unique piece of jewelry. Even if they are both glass hearts, no two pieces are alike. Adding in some of your loved one makes this piece of jewelry one of a kind. As they were. 

Once you choose your jewelry, you’ll be sent an ash collection kit with a small spoon, a container, and easy instructions on collecting and mailing the ashes. It will also explain how much is needed—usually less than a tablespoon. 

How To Make Ashes Into Glass Jewelry

To make ash-infused glass, the artist heats the glass to about 2000 degrees. As it melts, they add in some of the cremains and create your chosen shape. As it hardens, the ashes give the glass a distinctive look. Sometimes it looks like specks of glitter or a pale pop of color. It all depends on the design and color you’ve chosen. 

How To Make Ashes Into Jewelry With Resin

Making resin jewelry from ashes is a similar process. When the resin is heated, it liquefies. And when the ashes are added, they can give a swirling effect. 

Both glass and resin ash jewelry can have color added to create any kind of design that makes your heart happy. 

As the resin dries, it hardens into a gemstone-like polished finish. And voila, your personalized piece made from your loved one is complete.

Any unused ashes will be sent back to you with your jewelry. 

How To Turn Ashes Into Diamond Jewelry

As you’d probably expect, this is a much more complicated process than the two above.

A collection kit is sent—you’ll need about ½ cup of ashes. 

Once they receive them, they add the ashes into a graphite crucible to purify the carbon and separate other elements from the mix.  

Then, after they are pure, they are placed into a machine that applies super high heat, almost 2500°F, and around 825,000 pounds of pressure per square inch—mimicking the earth’s core. After some time, the carbon crystalizes and starts to form a raw diamond. 

Even more interesting about this process is that since the carbon content of every person is different, the temperature and pressure will also be different. So that means every diamond will also be unique, just as in nature.

After the raw diamond is created, professionals inspect it for flaws and inclusions. And then, it is cut into the shape you’ve chosen. 

Some companies will help you customize even further by adding color to the diamond. So, if you don’t want a traditional clear diamond, you can have red, green, blue, yellow, or black diamonds. They combine high-energy particles with natural elements to create colors throughout the stone.

Additionally, they will help you design the actual piece of jewelry to set your diamond in. And engrave it with your loved one’s name or initials with a microscopic laser.

How Long Does It Take To Turn Ashes Into Jewelry? 

It depends on your desired outcome. Glass and resin ash-infused pieces take only a few days to complete. But diamonds, like in the earth’s core, can take at least ten months.

How Much Does It Cost To Turn Ashes Into Jewelry?

You can find cremation jewelry starting from $15, depending on what it is made from. 

Glass and resin jewelry are also inexpensive, but it depends on the kind of metal you combine them with. For example, a pendant made entirely out of glass will be less than one that is glass wrapped in rose gold. As a result, prices really vary.

Obviously, making diamonds from ashes is the most expensive option, starting around $1500 for a small diamond. 

Can You Turn Pet Ashes Into Jewelry?

You sure can. Whether you choose glass, resin or diamonds, your little fur love can be made into a keepsake piece of jewelry just like your human loved one.

If you don’t have any ashes, you can also make diamonds from hair.

What are some other unique things to do with cremains?

  • You can hire an artist to paint a portrait of your love by mixing their ashes into the paint.
  • You can add their ashes to fireworks.
  • Add their ashes to stones, which will then be used to create a coral reef. 
  • Bury their cremains with a seed so a tree will grow from their ashes.
  • Compress the cremains into a vinyl record.
  • Scatter them in space through a meteorological helium-filled balloon. When the balloon reaches 100,000 feet, it bursts, scattering the ashes.
  • Send them to the moon. Then, every night you can look up and think of them. 

The Wrap-Up

Losing someone you love is devastating. But creating something from their ashes might give you a little solace from all the grief.

And now you are aware of the many options you have for turning ashes into jewelry. It’s a non-traditional way to have a tangible reminder of your loved one with you no matter where you are.    


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