What’s a Hospital in Japan Like?

What’s a Hospital in Japan Like?

I got to visit a hospital in Japan and it’s called the Watanabe New Heart Hospital in Tokyo.  Wow.  This is the kind of hospital I wish we had here in the States.  The doctors and nurses treat you as though you are royalty.  The accommodations are fit for a 5 star hotel.  And the food?   Wow…the cafeteria food is like eating at a Michelin star restaurant!  I was certainly impressed and inspired.

I thought it would be a great idea to share my tour with you so that you can see what is possible and perhaps we can adapt those ideas here.  Why not, right?   Or we can all have the option of going to Japan and getting treated there.  They do have English, Chinese and Korean speaking staff at the hospital because more and more people are finding out about it.  Even paying out of pocket is a fraction of what it would cost in the States.

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Watanabe New Heart Hospital

Dr. Goh Watanabe


Dr. Watanabe was named of Japan’s Top Doctors in 2018-19.  He is a cardiovascular surgeon, robot surgeon (da Vinci Pilot), cardiovascular surgeon, medical doctor, (cardiovascular surgeon specialist, supervisor of the Japan Chest Surgery Association), President of New Heart-Watanabe International Hospital, Chairman of the Japan Robot Surgery Association, Vice Chairman of the Japan-Malay Researcher Association

Dr. Watanabe graduated from the Kanazawa University School of Medicine and studied at Hannover Medical University in Germany.  After studying with Professor Hans G Borst, the father of German cardiac surgery.

After returning to Japan in 1993, I started off with an off-pump CABG (OPCAB) without using artificial heart-lung and succeeded as an assistant professor at Toyama University and became a professor of cardiopulmonary general surgery at Kanazawa University at the age of 41.

In 2005, we introduced the surgical robot ” da Vinci Surgical System ” and he was the first Japanese doctor to conduct robotic heart surgery.  He founded the Japan Robot Surgery Association in 2008 and is working on disseminating robotic surgery in Japan.