Podcast 72. Why Puerto Vallarta is A Great Place to Retire in 2022 with Taniel Chemsian


When we start to think about retirement, many people dream of moving to another city, town, or even a different country.   Perhaps they had always dreamed of moving abroad, but their job kept them from doing so.    

For many North Americans, Mexico is an ideal place to retire.  It has year-round warm weather, close proximity to the U.S. and Canada, lower cost of living, good healthcare, and is safe depending on where you decide to live.  Over the last decade, Puerto Vallarta has become not only a very popular tourist destination but also an ideal retirement spot for thousands of retirees.

Puerto Vallarta is nestled between the Sierra Madre mountains and Banderas Bay.  It is the only colonial port town in all of Mexico.   They have a  robust healthcare system, safe for foreigners, infrastructure to handle the influx of foreigners, plenty of outdoor (and indoor) activities, incredible beaches, friendly communities, and great year-round weather (though it can admittedly get very hot and humid during the summer months).

In this episode, real estate agent Taniel Chemsian talks about why you might want to consider retiring to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  He shares how the real estate market has changed over the last 2 years, what neighborhoods are ideal to live in, and what makes Puerto Vallarta a special place to live.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[03:05] What appealed Taniel to move to Puerto Vallarta 21 years ago from Los Angeles?

[05:15] Where is Puerto Vallarta located geographically? Why do most people get appealed? What makes it unique from other cities in Mexico?

[09:03] Why is Puerto Vallarta a great place to retire?

[10:34] How much does a typical health checkup cost in Puerto Vallarta? What makes its health system different from the States?

[12:48] Is having your own vehicle a must in Puerto Vallarta? What is the best form of transportation in Puerto Vallarta?

[14:24] What makes the lifestyle of Puerto Vallarta appealing after retirement?

[17:48] Taniel shares the numbers on how much you need to spend on a house in different areas in Puerto Vallarta. And what are the property values?

[24:56] Why is Fluvial an excellent area for real estate in Puerto Vallarta?

[27:28] Daniel talks about the difference between Puerto Vallarta 21years ago and now.

[28:14] What are some of the most important first steps for people interested in retiring in Puerto Vallarta?

About Taniel Chemsian:

Taniel Chemsian is a Senior Sales Associate at Timothy Real Estate Group, representing some of the finest properties and condominium developments in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Taniel specializes in matching luxury clientele with the perfect second homes vacation getaways, income properties, and retirement residences.

His strong market presence and track record for excellence did not go unnoticed by the producers of HGTV’s popular real estate series, House Hunters International. Taniel has become a regular on the series, featured on the show more than any other agent in North America.

Taniel is a long-standing member of AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) – Puerto Vallarta Chapter, and a registered International REALTOR® with NAR International.

Taniel is a co-creator of Dream Retirement in Mexico (https://dreamretirementinmexico.com/), an online program that does a deep dive into all the things one must know, such as real estate, healthcare, visas, cost of living etc, before retiring to Mexico.

Throughout the years, Taniel has developed an unparalleled knowledge of the local Puerto Vallarta market along with a strong philosophy of transparency, integrity and professionalism.


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