The Best Healthy Gifts that Don’t Suck for your Favorite People Over 40


It’s that time of year. You know the one where you are racking your brain to find the perfect gift. Well, look no further unless you are looking for booze and chocolates. This year we dug into our favorite gifts for all of our favorite health-conscious readers. That means you!

And with so many Holiday Sales happening now, this is a great time to try some of them out!

So, let’s dive in…

Splendid Spoon – For the Busy, Health-Conscious Person

Give your loved ones the gift of healthy plant-based food. Not by taking them to dinner, although that’s lovely too. Instead, Splendid Spoon delivers cooked and ready meals to their doorstep. No prep. Just heat and devour.   Who doesn’t love meal delivery these days?

Meal plans start at $65 per week. And with over 50 fully customizable meal options, it won’t be hard to find something their palate will thank you for. They have options like Tomato Quinoa Chili, Kale Pesto Noodles, and Brown Rice Taco Bowls, plus super healthy breakfast smoothies. 

Oh, and they have desserts too. Nutritious ones, of course. Like their Sun Squares, a square of pure yum with cashew butter, cacao, and coconut.

This is one of those gifts for people who don’t like to cook but love to eat. Or anyone who is living in a time crunch, trying to make it all happen while staying healthy. So basically, Splendid Spoon is for everyone.

Risa LOVES their bowls and soups for lunch — specific fave? Coconut Curry Rice Bowl, Butternut Turmeric Soup, oh and Kale and Pesto Noodles! So yum!

Get Strong Over 40 – Give Her the Gift of Strength


Giving the gift of strength is one of the most powerful gifts. 

Get Strong Over 40 is a beginner strength training program made especially for women over umm, 40. Hence the name. 

Sadly, every year after 30, women lose 1% of their muscle mass unless they do something about it. And Tina Tang, a fitness trainer extraordinaire, is on a personal mission to stop that from happening. 

Tina will walk her through each 15-20 minute workout that is geared for beginners. The videos are pre-recorded, so she can work out whenever it’s convenient.

This is one of Modern Aging’s signature courses. The 12-week course is normally $157 but Modern Aging readers can use the code HOLIDAY2021 to get 50% off!

Risa met Tina at the end of 2019 knowing that strength training is the core to physical and emotional health. Tina coached Risa and now Risa leaves hand weights at the side of her desk so she can pick them up at various intervals during the day.

“Staying healthy and independent is so important to me, especially as I get older. Incorporating regular strength training is not only doable, it’s now a part of my daily routine. Tina really makes it fun and easy. And doing it with friends to make sure we stay accountable is even better! I wanted to create this program with Tina so that other women could get a chance to focus on their own strength — maintaining and building muscle well into our 40s, 50s and 60s!” – Risa

Be Well Stay Well Membership – Live Online Pilates, Yoga & Movement Classes

Be Well Stay Well’s innovative approach to exercise will have everyone feeling better and living their best life. 

The plans offer more than 100 live and on-demand classes to choose from per month. Pilates, yoga, and movement classes are taught multiple times a day, so they can choose what fits into their time schedule. 

If your loved one is a newbie to exercise, they have “eyes on you” classes. The instructor will watch them to make sure they are doing the movements correctly and in the correct form.

Plans start at $39 a month, but if you pay annually, you save. It’s $399. You can cancel anytime.  Modern Aging readers get a week for free!

Risa interviewed founder and physical therapist Ada Wells on the essential exercises for women over 50. It may be the thing you need to start incorporating movement and exercise into your daily routine.

Medical Cannabis and CBD For Women’s Health


Cannabis and CBD have taken the world by storm and for all the right reasons. However, it can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out where to start. So, give the gift of cannabis and CBD knowledge to any woman trying to find the right path for their needs. 

World-renowned integrative cannabis physician Dr. June Chin teaches this program. It gives women an in-depth, but basic understanding of the healing power of cannabis as well as practical application and uses for common ailments that affect women like pain, mood swings, menopause, anxiety, sleep. She dives into how it can provide relief and enhance your overall well-being and most importantly, how to dose. safely. She wants to remove the fear and stigma of marijuana use and educate women on the healthy practice of medical cannabis.

The 7-module program will teach her the A-Z of cannabis and CBD. It provides the science behind how it works with her body, the types of products available, product recommendations and how to use them for her needs…plus lots of downloadable PDFS for reference.

The course has videos, audio, and written transcriptions so she can learn at her own pace and whenever it is convenient. 

Modern Aging superfans get _________________ off the course now through .  Use CODE:

Fresh Cap – Give the Gift of Schrooms 

If your loved one adores the idea of using clean, natural products to get healthy and stay that way, anything from Fresh Cap will impress them. 

Health by mushroom isn’t a new concept. In fact, quite the opposite. They have been used for centuries to promote health and longevity. Their benefits include increased immunity and cognitive functioning as well as stress relief, energy-boosting, and overall endurance. Who doesn’t want that? 

New to medicinal mushrooms but curious to know more? Then check out Risa’s interview with Founder and CEO Tony Shields. Risa LOVES their products — all organic mushroom extracts, drinks – tasty and healthy!

You have a tea or coffee lover on your list? Check out their mushroom teas and coffees. Risa swears by them!

Modern Aging readers can use MODERNAGING for a 10% discount on the entire Fresh Cap site. Supplements, drinks, powders, whatever your shroomy-lover’s heart desires. 

Taos Footwear for the Gift of Happy Feet

Taos footwear is different. 

They aren’t just a pair of cute shoes. Or a just pair of functional shoes. They’re a happy marriage of the two. Beautiful to look at and wonderfully comfortable and supportive.

They blend form and function to create wellness for your feet. Their structured footbeds are anatomically engineered to hug the foot’s contours which provide the ultimate shock absorption. Of course, there is arch support, but they don’t stop there. They also offer heel and metatarsal support. 

So, all that in a cute shoe? Yes, please! Their podiatrist will approve. 

Working as a documentary filmmaker and TV producer/director, Risa would spend hours on her feet. Comfort was always of the utmost importance because it would literally affect how she did her job. Her first pair of Taos was a gamechanger for her. Now she can’t live without them. Comfort and cuteness all in one! There’s a reason why people who wear Taos become lifelong customers. Check it out for yourself!

Aletha Health – Live More, Hurt Less – Relieve Back, Hip and Neck Pain

Are you constantly massaging your partner, trying to make their back/hip/shoulder/neck pain disappear? Does it ever really work? Probably not. Because you can’t massage the muscles that are really creating the pain. 

If your loved one struggles with persistent hip, back, shoulder and neck pain, the Hip Hook and Nuckle Neck Release can alleviate pain at the core. 

The Hip Hook is the world’s first and only tool created to release the psoas and iliacus muscles, the root of hip and low back pain.

The Nuckle relaxes the small but extremely tight muscles at the base of your skull and chest. 

While these might not be the sexiest of gifts, they most definitely can be life changing and probably the best gift they’ll receive!

When Risa tried the Hip Hook, she didn’t even realize the tension and tightness she was feeling. “It helps not only with acute pain but also with my posture! Wow! And the Nuckle? If you hold stress in your neck like I do, or you suffer from chronic headaches, then you NEED this. Seriously, you will be loved forever if you give this gift.” – Risa

ENTER PROMO CODE: MODERNAGING10 for $10 off $100 purchase and can be combined with their Black Friday sale (Code: BF2021)

Global Healing – Give the Gift of Health from the Inside Out

Let’s face it. We all want our loved ones to be healthy. And supplements are an essential branch of our overall wellness tree. But not just any supplements, high-quality natural ones made with the purest of ingredients. 

Global Healing’s mission is to teach our bodies to heal themselves. Because when we feel good, life is good.

All of their products are rooted in nature and backed by science. From detoxes to beauty supplements, Global Healing will have your loved one feeling fabulous from the inside out. 

Risa has been taking Global Healing supplements for years now. Organic, sustainably made, she LOVES their products. “I love their turmeric and vitamin B12 liquid supplements. I also take their liver cleanse kit and do that twice a year (if you haven’t seen that video, check it out here). It helps to manage my blood pressure. I love recommending Global Healing because in a world flooded with supplements – good and bad – it’s good to know that there are some that have fantastic products and are also really great companies.” – Risa

Foria – Give the Gift of Orgasms (yep, you read that right)

CBD isn’t just for managing pain and anxiety. It’s also for intimacy. Foria’s all-natural, 100% plant-based formulas have been changing the sexual wellness game since 2014. They believe that sex is an integral part of our well-being and that sex and wellness go hand in hand. 

And we agree. Who isn’t feeling their best when having mind-blowing sex?

Their products range from topical arousal oils, suppositories for localized pleasure and sex oils to keep it slippery.

Essentially, giving a gift from Foria is a win-win. And nothing is wrong with a we-gift.  And for BLACK FRIDAY, it’s 30% site-wide until Nov 30th!

Commons – Give the Gift of CBD

If your loved one already takes advantage of all the benefits of CBD, Commons has a product for them. 

Need to reduce anxiety quickly? Place a Commons CBD Strip inside your cheek and let it dissolve.

Looking for better sleep? Add Commons Night Gummies with 5mg of melatonin to your nightly routine. Or prefer to help them with their daytime stress? Try the daytime gummies with a touch of caffeine.

How about constant pain? Try Commons melon flavor full-spectrum CBD oil. 

Commons is having a Gratitude Bundle Sale until Nov 29th!

Get their gummies ($175 value) + a tote bag ($25 value) for $140.


Non-GMO, third-party tested, Commons is an amazingly effective CBD product that Risa has been taking for the last several months. “I started taking their nighttime gummies to help me sleep, and wow – I didn’t even realize what a restful sleep was until I started taking these gummies!” – Risa

If you are curious about the medical effects and science behind cannabis and CBD, then consider our program – The Essential Guide to Cannabis and CBD For Women’s Health where integrative cannabis physician Dr. June Chin does a deep dive into how this plant medicine can provide relief. Learn how to shop for products that are effective and dose for better health!

Dream Retirement in Mexico – Give The Gift of Living Your Best Life

There is more to a healthy lifestyle than exercising and supplements. Lifestyle needs to be looked at with a holistic eye. And for some, retiring in Mexico means living their best life. This program is for anyone thinking about moving to Mexico and scouring the internet for how to go about it.  

The Dream Retirement in Mexico program goes over expat hotspots. It’s more than the pros and cons of each place, but interviews with expats who have already made the move. 

You’ll also learn the nuts and bolts of buying and renting real estate from professional realtors throughout Mexico as well as the ins and outs of healthcare, taxes, and banking from experts in their fields. 

In addition, you’ll be given a contact list of speakers from the program, so you can reach out with additional questions. 

Think of this program as an all-in-one guide for retiring in Mexico from people who have made the leap and know precisely what it takes.  

This is one of Modern Aging’s top-selling programs, and you can get $200 off between now and December 1, 2021! USE CODE: MEXICOHOLIDAY2021.


If you are not quite ready to buy, but you and your partner want to check out what it’s all about, then join Puerto Vallarta real estate agent Taniel Chemsian, healthcare specialist Pamela Thompson, and Risa for a LIVE FREE Webinar – Dec 9, 12, and 15, 2021. Go to: to register for free. 

Risa created this program with Puerto Vallarta real estate agent, Taniel Chemsian, after several trips to Mexico directing episodes of House Hunters International. “There’s a long list of reasons why people want to move and retire to Mexico. But there’s a lot of homework people need to do beforehand to make sure they are making the right decisions. We created this program to take out the guesswork so that people can confidently start planning the retirement of their dreams.” – Risa

The Wrap Up 

So, there you have it! Modern Aging’s fave healthy gifts for our favorite people. 

Happy Holidays!


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